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Welcome to 3NTR1NC Starting Point. From here you can visit different locations of the site. Before you begin, the character above is Tony Cash. A SoFlo City Fixer… An information broker and deal maker. Who constantly is providing entrepreneurial ways to make income online or off as an entrepreneur.

Get to know who is who in this future entrepreneurial wolrd.

RoleDescriptionSpecial Ability
CopMaximum lawmen on mean 21st-century streetsAuthority
CorporateSlick business raiders and multi-millionaires looking for any way to move up the corporate ladderResources
FixerDealmakers, smugglers, organizers, and information brokersStreet deal
MediaNewsmen and reporters who go to the wall for the truthCredibility
NetrunnerCybernetic computer hackersInterface
NomadRoad warriors and gypsies who roam the highwaysFamily
RockerboyRebel rockers who use music and revolt to fight authorityCharismatic Leadership
SoloHired assassinsbodyguards, killers, and soldiers with implanted cybernetic muscle and upgradesCombat Sense
TechieRenegade mechanics.Jury Rig
Med-TechStreet doctorsMed-Tech

Questions to ask yourself before getting started:

  1. Is an entrepreneurial life for you?
  2. Am I an entrepreneur?
  3. How can I start to get supplemental income?
  4. Do I need a business?
  5. How do I open a store?

Good luck, and have a great time learning while earning.