Cashflow Quadrant

What’s up everyone… In today’s post I will be going over the Cashflow Quadrant and what it is. I came across the Cashflow Quadrant after reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The Rich, Dad Poor Dad book was such an inspirational book, I had to get my hands on another book by Robert T. […]

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So why Entrepreneurship?

What’s up everybody… and today I will be writing about why entrepreneurship… Probably every entrepreneur you ask will have their own reasons since entrepreneurship is very self-driven and personal… So I will point out the ones I have in common with other entrepreneurs and some of my own… So let’s get started. Freedom. Freedom is […]

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eCom Getting Started

Progress is always great… and since launching the site, I have done nothing but move forward. This means is time to Step It Up a Notch, and we will be doing so by opening an E-Commer store. An e-commerce store is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to getting started on building your […]

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