3NTR1NC Story

Welcome to 3NTR1NC an online entrepreneurial story set on an alternate world in
a dystopian world in the year 2075.

The global superpowers have collapsed, leaving a one world order goverment
corrupted and ruled by large corporations that fight amongst themselves for
dominance. Pandemics and food blights have caused disastrous famines, and
majority of the world is a radioactive desert. “Technoshock” is a widespread
psychosis, as many people are unable to cope with synthetic muscle tissue,
organic circuits and designer drugs. With the lack of government and police,
casual violence is endemic.

The story takes place in Night City, a city of five million people on the
west coast of the United States located between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Experience the story through the life of Tony Ca$h. A Night City FIXER, an
information broker and deal maker. Who constantly is providing the public
entrepreneurial ways to make income as an entrepreneur. Read along and
follow the story as you learn and grow the entrepreneur within you.

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