Welcome to 3NTR1NC.com [ Entrepreneur Incorporated] My name is Tony Ca$h and I am a full-time entrepreneur investor. Since my first setback as an employee in a data dept supervisor position in the early 2000s, I knew to work for the corporate world wasn’t the path I wanted to walk. Since I have basically been in every CashFlow Quadrant role described in Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom and the reason a created 3NTR1NC.com. A journey where I will share the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur, investor and grow multiple streams of passive income based on 2 criteria, automation and delegation. Follow along to stay up to date with the newest in eCommerce, Real Estate Investing, and Trading Equities as we build multiple streams of passive income.

My goal is to motivate, inspire and promote entrepreneurial business opportunities that can provide automated cash-flow month to month. As well as techniques to get the most out of your hard-earned $$$! To teach you the strategies I apply each day to make money. I’m here to help you achieve financial independence and overall become a more financially intelligent and successful entrepreneur. I am here to help guide you to achieve multiple streams of passive income, financial success, and overall a positive and successful life.

Remember, $$$ is just paper… What you do and how you use it, will determine how fast you reach your GOALS and DREAMS! But the DREAMER and CREATOR is YOU!

Welcome to 3NTR1NC.com