So why Entrepreneurship?


What’s up everybody… and today I will be writing about why entrepreneurship… Probably every entrepreneur you ask will have their own reasons since entrepreneurship is very self-driven and personal… So I will point out the ones I have in common with other entrepreneurs and some of my own… So let’s get started.

Freedom. Freedom is one of the highest and most agreed. The freedom to be your own boss[ which is not that great at times], to work your own hours, freedom to work wherever you want, freedom to make as much or as little money as you want, etc… You get the point ;).

Control. The power to control your life and your future. A lot of people overlook this but see it in everyday life. If you don’t believe me ask a realtor. Ask them how many sellers sell their house for job relocation. Or the stress to work through special occasions and holidays because you have to work… or not get fired!

Options. You are not tied down to one specific task, schedule, or roll. You can work in any position or none. You can be the leader/CEO of the business or hire someone to do it for you. Have one business or multiple.

Power. Unlike the majority of the 9-5 workforce, entrepreneurs have the power over their income. You don’t work for someone and their prosperity for a check. As an entrepreneur, you work for your prosperity and hire others to accomplish that mission for a check.

Time. You are in control of your time… You can work as much or as little as you want. You can design your year, months, weeks, days, however, you like. You are in control of your time!

And in conclusion, flexibility. The flexibility to do whatever you desire… For example to use current life events… If for example you are in the financial world, well you have probably been having a couple of down months due to the economy. Your boss and clients are breathing down your throat, their investments are down, etc… As an entrepreneur, you can be day trading, swing trading, options trading, basically playing the market for you… and if the markets decide to take a down turn[ relating to a long bios trader] and go low for a couple of months, you can move some of your capital and move it into other investment like Real Estate. Where maybe real estate appreciation and equity is growing, plus you can get a monthly residual income, by collecting rents. Once the market gets hot again… Sell the real estate and jump back to your hot trades again. This is just an example, but the point is… you have the flexibility to live your life at your terms.

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