eCom Getting Started


Progress is always great… and since launching the site, I have done nothing but move forward. This means is time to Step It Up a Notch, and we will be doing so by opening an E-Commer store.

An e-commerce store is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to getting started on building your own business. Like the previous posts, I will provide you with links to online courses, tools, information, and constant posts, that will help you on your journey.

Remember we are on this journey together. So you can always come back to this site for constant information and resources on how to grow your new store.

So let’s get started, but instead of writing a long post or several long posts, I have a great online course which I recommend for you to take and it will help you JUMPSTART your eCom store.

This online eCom course will teach you how to build your eCom store from scratch, with easy to follow videos. Over 100+ Step by step videos teaching you:
1- Drop Shipping
2- Business Professional
3- Building Your Shopify Store
4- Product Hacking 101
5- Product Selection
6- Noticed with Facebook Ads

And so much more… A lot more, the course is taught by my friend Mike. An amazing person with a huge heart for giving and teaching… and a great mentor on the subject. So don’t wait let’s get started

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