Essential Entrepreneurship skills.


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Entrepreneurship can be a very rewarding experience and a way of life. But to be a successful entrepreneur, there are key abilities and trades entrepreneurs must-have. No entrepreneur starts out with all of these skills, but one important part of entrepreneurship is to be constantly learning and honing their abilities.

Here are a few skills entrepreneurs should be concentrating on:
– Financial management.  Concentrating on understanding your business’ cash flow and receivables first.  By utilizing online services such as, entrepreneurs can easily keep track of their accounting and tax responsibilities.
– Marketing expertise. Don’t confuse this with advertising.  Marketing includes all the decisions that take place in the process of getting your product to the consumer.
– The ability to sell. This skill is often misunderstood.  This doesn’t mean being pushy, or act like most car dealer sales rep, trying to push you into a vehicle.  But if you are an entrepreneur you need to know how to sell your products or skills.  There is plenty of useful material online and on YouTube that can help you improve this skill online for free.

– Business Plan.  It’s almost a new year.  How does your plan from 2019 compare to 2020?  What improvement can you make on your 2020 plans you notice your 2019 executed plan needs?  Keeping a written plan could help you achieve your 2020 plans faster and more efficient.  Just like if you are driving to an unknown area, you would use a GPS.
– Superior customer experience.  Make customers “RAVING FANS” Think of a new way to recognize past customers this year, even if it’s just a quick note to thank them for their business.
– Smart time management. It is key for entrepreneurs to be as efficient as they can.  By planing your daily activities, efficiency can be increased, by using your time wisely.  Making sure your time is being maximized to your goals.   An item I am always researching and improving is automation and delegation to free more of my time, to accomplish greater success.   Come up with one task that you can outsource or stop doing entirely in 2020 so you’ll have more time for what really matters.
– Problem-solving savvy.  as entrepreneurs most of the time we do not have the “Boss” manager, supervisor or anyone we can run to get assistance or help.  It’s entrepreneurs learn how to catch problems early and know who to turn to for help finding a solution. Consider a mentorship relationship or look to other industries to learn how to apply their problem-solving skills into your business.
– The difference between “network” and “hard work”. Focus on networking properly, be cautions against focusing too much on meeting people and brainstorming, and not enough on the deep thinking and elbow grease part of the equation. Setting up appointments, creating business marketing alliances, and make sure you are bringing something to the table.  Next time you attend a networking event, go with a goal in mind, to meet 5 individuals and follow up with 5 appointments to get to know their business better, and how you can improve it.
– Civic-mindedness.  Find a new charity that needs your help this year and commit to helping in any way you can.  Implement social entrepreneurial projects, which give back to the community or solves a problem in your city, county or state.#MakeADifference!