When That Side #Hustle Just Won’t Quit!

Affiliate Marketing

So I hope everyone has had a great week and now almost closing weekend… Its been truly an awesome week and weekend or what is left of it… I hope everyone has been taking advantage of the 2 challenges… $5 and the $500.

It is always good to wake up in the morning, make a cup of tea, check your email and see 1 or 2 of these…

So if you havent taken action… What are you waiting for… FREE MONEY!!! well sort of… But I can assure you it will be some of the easiest money you have ever made… Plus it is the main reason you are reading or visiting this site. To learn new methods of PASSIVE INCOME… And believe me, once you get started and start getting thousands of discounts, rewards, and FREE MONEY for your own referrals, you will kick your self in the @$$ for not getting started sooner… If you don’t believe me, how you think Google makes its $$$$…

One example of some of the extra benefits are the BONUSES the affiliate referrals are willing to pay you for a good response on your referral links. Whoever your affiliates are, they are watching… and if you are doing a good job at promoting and selling their products through your affiliate links, they will proceed to increase your incentives, increase your referral profits, and even send you products for FREE to test and get your feedback. Just like the example below… And from our $5 challenge affiliate

Remember Acorns.com is the same affiliate referral we used for the $5 challenge… I guess I am doing a great job at promoting to get this promotion, lmao… I mean, if you worked a 9-5, and your employer gave you a weekly challenge… Which you successfully completed, as per the letter of instruction… Would you get a $145 raise?

Think about that for a sec… While I keep writing and exercising the nugget… This brings me to the topic of the day and the title of this post… “When that side #hustle just won’t quit!“. During my daily walk this morning, after reviewing a few news articles… I notice a quick Samsung Ad for their Galaxy Tab S6, as I read it… not only did the title catch my eye, but I have them as an affiliate member… BOOM! the entrepreneur’s brain kicked in and the HUSTLE mode starts brains storming on how we can jump on Samsung’s HUGE WAVE and take advantage of their marketing $$$$. Right away I thought the best way to take advantage and also provide a great post to all of our readers is to demonstrate how you can constantly on a daily bases, create quick affiliate ads and generate passive income… just for sharing promotional items from your affiliate partners to your family and friends, through social media or email. Look at the example below, a simple landing page advertising the new Samsung promotion[I will create a separate post in more details about why use landing pages].

Introducing the
Galaxy Tab S6

Imagine a more personal PC experience—without a PC. Meet the Galaxy Tab S6, the ultra-slim 2-in-1 that performs like a laptop with the mobility of a tablet.

Want more with the Galaxy Tab S6?

Buy it today to get 50% off the keyboard, plus 4 months of ad-free YouTube Premium and YouTube Music.

A very simple landing page, created in just 5 minutes… and then another 5-10 minutes to share and send as email… to all you family and friends… once done, sit back and collect you’re $$$…

Just like I did with this post… So what are you doing, When that side #hustle just won’t quit!?