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So now that we have a basic understanding of entrepreneurship and what it consists of, let’s make sure we keep 2 things in mind as we progress. In any system, service or product, we must focus on having AUTOMATION and DELIGATION.

A great tool that can help automate and delegate products and services, for entrepreneurs is something called Customer Relationship Management software, or CRM. Today these services/software can be found, online, on the cloud, or for local install. In every size or shape for you or for what your business might require.

You can find several by simply doing a search online… The service being suggested below is the one I use and have been using for a while. Trust me, through the years I have used several. Whether I changed the service/software due to lack of tools, or because of the lack of support. My suggestion is by far one of the best service ever used. Especially when it comes to cost and value.

The CRM is called Podio. Podio is an online application by Citrix (NASDAQ:CTXS), what I like most about the service/application is the ability to mold the CRM around any product and/or service for any business and industry.

An industry I will use to illustrate my example is Real Estate Investig. In the past, during a real estate transaction, I would have to use 1 CRM to keep my contacts, stages in marketing and lead pipeline, etc… and maybe 2 other to keep track of the actual transaction due to the lack of customization to meet the industry. Another big issue with other CRMs was the ability to track multiple projects from several industries. Like using it for REI and Affiliate Marketing at the same time. Since again the customization and ability to adapt the CRM to the required tasks or projects were not there.

Podio has truely been a CRM, I have been able to push to assist me in Real Estate Investing [ Fix & Flip and Fix and Hold] Project development and launching, Loan Originating and pipeline management, Day Trading, Affiliate Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, and who knows what else I will try to use it for… but I think you see what I mean… Not only is a good foundation to keep track of customers, projects, etc… But it has great automation and delegations tools… Synchronization with other online tools, which increases its awesomeness…

One great way to start using and getting familiar with Podio would be by participating and completing the $500 Challenge in our “OK, Who Wants To Make $500 post.

Getting Started with Podio
You can sign-up to Podio for FREE Here!
Once you have signed up and have logged in, assign or apply a normal contact app to what Podio calls your workspace. Make sure the contact app you choose, has the ability to keep track of conversations, follow-ups, and create tasks.

Once active and ready to create new contacts, think of the 10 people you can contact and offer them the same benefit of making $500, plus all other great benefits mentioned in the post. I suggest starting with your Circle of Influence. Proceed to enter each contact with their name and phone number. Take advantage to update all of your contact information about each person during your call or contact.

Keep track of your progress and add more prospects, should any of your original 10 contacts during the call shows or expresses no interest.

Congratulations, you now have a great foundation to get started doing some prospecting. What are you waiting for? Good luck!

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