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Welcome to 3NTR1NC.

An entrepreneur doing entrepreneur things!

3NTR1NC, is a blog created for providing information, education, tips and promoting entrepreneurial content. Not for your 9-5 individuals… We wanted to create and bring a fun alternative way of providing and promoting entrepreneur content, that it’s not available. Utilizing storytelling, multimedia, and social media together to bring you entrepreneurial activities that can generate an online income, and then turned into automated cash-flow systems generating monthly passive income… As well as techniques and hacks on how to profit the most out of your hard-earned $$$$!

We decided to set the story in the future at around 3008… An alternate World similar to the one we live in today, with real-world similarities like the Banking & Housing collapse of 2008, as well as true life experiences. Utilizing story concepts from the popular subgenre CyberPunk and CyberPunk 2020.

We encourage new/old readers to follow us on social media as these will be different branches of the story, which will provide training, affiliate marketing opportunities, and great promotional items that not only provide you great information but make you some $$$ as well.

We hope you enjoy the story and journey!
Thank you