Thursday, December 12, 2019

How good are your scripts?

3NTR1NC…(C) 3019 ENTREPRENEUR INCORPORATED…W:\USER\d-.-bDIR /NLP/CD..NLP/SCRIPTS/CD..OPEN GC…A great book to read, listen and build a few personal scripts of your own is a book by Grant Cardone ” The Closer’s Survival Guide”. If you want to improve your game. This is it… No bo $#!+! This book will give you great examples of what to say and […]

Are you running your network efficiently?

NetRunner’s ID10T City Scanners. A robotic mechanism that scans the city for information and reports it back to NetRunners. A NetRunner is a Cybernetic computer hacker. Great sources of classified and hard to get information. NetRunners are usually very expensive and hard to find… but that’s not the same for their ID10T city scanners. Not […]

Cashflow Quadrant

What’s up everyone… In today’s post I will be going over the Cashflow Quadrant and what it is. I came across the Cashflow Quadrant after reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The Rich, Dad Poor Dad book was such an inspirational book, I had to get my hands on another book by Robert T. […]

Essential Entrepreneurship skills.

So what is an Entrepreneur?

Generating Multiple Sources Of Income

Multiple streams of income come in many shapes and sizes… And you don’t have to be an expert or have a lot of money to get started. Especially in today’s high tech society, where so many automated investment opportunities keep growing… And that’s what I will share with you today in this post. A few […]

When That Side #Hustle Just Won’t Quit!

So I hope everyone has had a great week and now almost closing weekend… Its been truly an awesome week and weekend or what is left of it… I hope everyone has been taking advantage of the 2 challenges… $5 and the $500. It is always good to wake up in the morning, make a […]

Building Your Foundation

So what am I talking about when I speak about your foundation. No, I am not referring to the foundation underneath your home. But I am talking about the foundation of your new entity and/or company. You see the last couple of posts have been for the specific purpose of getting you to start in […]